Plan B

Within our Pitch, we presented ourselves as the Core Design team of Sydney’s leading Biomedical design consultancy ‘Plan B’. Firstly, through our company policy, we made the drivers of change that we had considered clear, this being that Sydney’s health was Post human driven and that owned by private corporations. We state “Within Australia, we are moving forward in the biomedical industry, with growing opportunities … as ‘Plan B’ we will provide you with innovative and diverse biomedical design solutions.”

In this, we studied what it meant to be living in a post human society. In our research, we found varying definitions of what ‘Post humanist’ means, for us however, it referred to a society with an ideology of technology. For our society, it meant that our clients were mostly concerned with biomedical technology, which would enhance the human form in an exterior manner.

Within our pitch we started by clarifying our company policy and business model, before expressing past case studies which were successful. These were intended to express to our audience our diversity as a design team, our clients being hospitals, retirement villages, and sports centres. We then went on to pitch our final stating “We have all been privy to the current social collapse due to the increasing divide between those who can afford to judgement their bodies with prosthetics and those who can’t. With this divide strongly in our minds, we would like to pitch an innovative system that would bridge the gap between the elite and the average consumer, while promoting sustainability as energy consumption only increases.”

As the final website, ‘Hand Me Down’ is used for community health, it allows for people to trade their prosthetic goods and ideas. The grassroots system has the potential to be used as a website or app, promoting collective consumption and sustainability practices. The website also has chat and messaging facilities, enabling users to connect and gain a greater understanding of the parts the are buying.


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