The Future Consumer

As we are currently finalising our design team ‘Plan B’, we are discussing what we aim to provide through the service and who our consumers will be. A fundamental aspect in determining these aspects of our design team is deciding what future trends are relevant. Within the Random Wire blog he creates his own list of future trends, which provide clarity in what the future consumer may want or need. Within tutorials, as we look at clients and users, and the skills these users may value our design firms need has been clarified.

As we have clarified that our design firm will be a biomedical consultation service we place an importance on biomedical innovation, employing specialist designers as well as biomedical technicians. We confirmed in deciding this that in the future as the biomedical industry grows these services will be a necessity. As the technological advancements are rapid and becoming increasingly accessible, biomedical consultation will be an area to address. The blog discusses a number of factors which impact on this growing industry, such as the way in which “technology is humanised” and “man machine distinction blurred”. This particular point is highly relevant to biotechnology as advances such as the exoskeleton will become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives. The blog supports the way in which is distinction between humans and machines lessens, as “Old concepts of pre-net existence will seem foreign to our children who will liken the change to the Age of Enlightenment when mankind made a seismic shift in the way we live and ultimately exist”.


Randomwire . 2008. 10 Future Trends . Website. Available at: (Accessed 07 July 13)


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