Collaborative Consumption


Following my reading of ‘What’s Mine Is Yours : The Rise of Collaborative Consumption’ by Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers it was easy to draw links to the service we wish to provide through our design consultancy. In class today, we had difficultly in clarifying what this service would involve, and how we were to form a producer and consumer relationship. Within the reading, there is a discussion of the idea of Collaborative Consumption, a culture in which people realize the benefits of access to products rather than the ownership of them. This enables the consumer to ultimately save money, time and space, whilst making friends and becoming an active citizen. 

Our initial idea was to produce a service that would enable consumers of 2030 to recycle their prosthetics. One would be able to pass on their upgrade, receiving a discounted cost on their new one, and enabling those who couldn’t necessarily afford new prosthetic limbs to recycle some else’s. Within the article, similar ideas are discussed through Botsman and Rogers service Airbnb.

Airbnb is an website that connects users who wish to rent out their home, and those who need a place to stay. Within the article, Rogers talks about the surprising reaction he had from his parents and grandparents, his parents being of the “hotel generation” were confused by this notion. However, it was common for his grandparents to stay in farmhouses and homes in their travels, claiming that “we are not the modern invention, hotels are”. Rogers states “Airbnb is an old idea, being replicated and made relevant again through peer to peer networks and new technologies”.

There is now an unbounded market for peer to peer exchange as the producer and consumer relationship grows. It is this exact notion that we were discussing in class today, as our prosthetic exchange service would include an interactive website where the online technology enables this “collaborative consumption”.


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