Scenario Explanation

Assessment 2 required me to present a potential scenario for what the world would be like in 2030 with increased biological enhancement (focus on forming a superhuman), and if the ownership and distribution of healthcare was government owned and highly regulated. With this quadrant, we developed our business ‘Plan B’ and discussed what our business strategy may be within each quadrant. As explained in Lecture 2 ‘Business Innovation and Entrprenuralship’, this had us considering the social, political, legal, environmental, economic and technological implications there may be during this period. Within this lecture we looked at what was happening now, and what may happened in the future, determining what could be a certainty and what is an uncertainty.

I divided my quadrant in 2, as I found it easiest to explain through the 2 differencing personas. Within the overall scenario, due to the rate at which the technology is being developed, the government limits the information offered. For this reason, within this particular quadrant, Plan B must contact the government before releasing any information. There is still a population problem, however it is no longer about birth rates but death rates as we can no longer afford to increase the life spans of people. For this reason, the biomedical enhancements are rationed and must be gradually released.

I chose to develop the persona of Emily; illustrating these conditions would have on the average public consumer.

“If Emily suffers any serious injury there is full cover. She was in a serious car accident last year. Losing her arm and has received a fully successful limbry reattachment as advise by Plan B. As he parents both suffer from cancer, Emily wonders why the advanced Chemomotherapy treatments she is studying aren’t accessible yet.”

Emily is a young, female, university student, studying biomedical science as there are jobs continuing to grow within this field of work. Last year when she broke her arm, he Plan B cover enabled her to get a full limbry reattchedment. Her parents are also getting increasingly sick as they suffer from cancer. She is currently studying the advanced chemotherapy treatments that could help her parents but the government does not allow for this medicine to be accessible yet, cancer being a growing contributor to death rates in Australia in 2030.

The second persona I developed was Ben, the militarily consumer. Ben access to biomedical advancements is diverse and extensive, this being due to the growing need for improvements in the Australia military. They attempt to keep up with the advancements of other countries, this being through the creation of transhuman soldiers with genetically modified DNA.
“Ben was to be in the military from birth. It is different to when his dad served 40 years ago. The Plan B consultancy organised Bens Embryonic human transection therapy with his father. He is excited by eventually replicating animal abilities, feeling like a superhero”

Ben is a young, male, who has recently officially joined the military, although this was his inevitable path from birth. In 2030, in order to create the best possible super soliders, embryonic human transaction therapy must be performed before birth. This therapy may allow the solider to eventually replicate animal abilities including, climb walls, resist stress, eat grass and communicate telepathically. For this reason, a solider of 2030 would need to sign a strict disclosure agreement when joining, to avoid the ordinary public consumer being aware of this. Ben would receive injections and several rests a week, eventually reducing stress and pain levels, and being able to survive sleep deprivation and hunger.


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